Redefinition of safety.

Some things survive almost anything. Because they are perfectly adapted
to their environment. Collection Work & Safety provides superior protection,
uncompromising traction and maximum comfort.
Work & Safety

Ready. For everything.

To build something out of nothing can take years, sometimes
even a lifetime. However, it is possible to lose it in a few moments.
Collection Police serves for working professions ensuring protection of values.

Dare to be unique.

Basically there are two kinds of people. You and everyone else.
Discover and express your uniqueness also in the workplace.
Collection Trek & Outdoor connects individual color solutions
and innovative design.
Trek & Outdoor

Natural. Premium.

It begins with a vision to create something powerful. Not only on the
surface, but in all its essence and detail. Collection Farmer integrates
premium natural materials and determined design, which acts in every
aspect confidently.

Minimalist. Sophisticated.

World famous painters say that the painting becomes a work of art when
it has nothing that could be taken away. And yet it got everything it should have.
Collection Gastro & Medical connects minimalistic design and innovative materials.
Gastro & Medical

Value is inside.

Fast technological progress brings increased demands for safety and efficiency
in production processes. Its special role to play here has the collection ESD,
which achieves excellent results in reducing electrical resistance.

Premium service

Everything within reach.

Technological improvements and innovation moved safety footwear ARTRA to its distinctive position in the market. However, this was not our goal. We wanted to achieve meeting the needs of customers in best possible way. Therefore, we bring you premium service. It's enabled by centralization of complete production and logistic center directly in the heart of Europe, in Slovakia. 120 000 pairs of footwear in stock and prompt 14 day production cycle are the ultimate benefit for you. Consultancy is provided by a professional team of sales managers. Just call us.

ARTRA team.