Redefinition of safety.

Some things survive almost anything. Because they are perfectly adapted
to their environment. Collection Work & Safety provides superior protection,
uncompromising traction and maximum comfort.
Work & Safety

Ready. For everything.

To build something out of nothing can take years, sometimes
even a lifetime. However, it is possible to lose it in a few moments.
Collection Police serves for working professions ensuring protection of values.

Dare to be unique.

Basically there are two kinds of people. You and everyone else.
Discover and express your uniqueness also in the workplace.
Collection Trek & Outdoor connects individual color solutions
and innovative design.
Trek & Outdoor

Natural. Premium.

It begins with a vision to create something powerful. Not only on the
surface, but in all its essence and detail. Collection Farmer integrates
premium natural materials and determined design, which acts in every
aspect confidently.

Minimalist. Sophisticated.

World famous painters say that the painting becomes a work of art when
it has nothing that could be taken away. And yet it got everything it should have.
Collection Gastro & Medical connects minimalistic design and innovative materials.
Gastro & Medical

Value is inside.

Fast technological progress brings increased demands for safety and efficiency
in production processes. Its special role to play here has the collection ESD,
which achieves excellent results in reducing electrical resistance.
Bc. Stanislav Balberčák
sales executive
Juraj Galko
sales executive
Ivan Ondruška
master of direct soling workshop
Helena Halmová
standardization of production
Marián Bočkay
master of direct soling workshop
Ing. Alexandra Kováčová
sales manager
Ing. Jakub Korec
sales executive
Miroslava Letavayová
master of sewing workshop
Eva Hodulová
master of sewing workshop
Mgr. Zuzana Rybárová
sales manager
MIB Martin Arvay
sales director
Ing. Romana Hostačná
sales manager
Zdenka Trníková
sales manager
Roman Michal
sales executive
Ing. Alena Arvayová
associate executive director
Ing. Ivan Arvay
executive director
Marián Magát
production director
Juraj Kováč
logistics director
Mgr. Michaela Sedmáková
support manager
Bc. Matej Václav
sales executive
Marta Norocká
head of economics
Ing. Peter Mikula
sales executive
Naďa Horečná
records officer
Ing. Patrik Mikula
production manager
Bc. Radka Hrádelová
sales manager
Ing. Jana Krátka
payroll and personnel manager
Marián Čulák
master of direct soling workshop
Bc. Daniela Ferancová
technical preparation of production
Michal Horniak
master of cutting workshop
Bc. Ivan Arvay marketing manager

We are team of passionated shoemakers.

production division

Marián Magát production director
+421/46/549 2065
+421/917 921 216
production of work and safety footwear
Ing. Patrik Mikula production manager
+421/46/549 2065
+421/918 711 907
Michal Horniak master of cutting workshop
+421/915 786 624
Miroslava Letavayová master of sewing workshop
+421/915 786 625
Eva Hodulová master of sewing workshop
+421/915 786 626
Marián Bočkay master of direct soling workshop
+421/905 302 623
Marián Čulák master of direct soling workshop
+421/905 334 298
Ivan Ondruška master of direct soling workshop
+421/915 965 285
Bc. Daniela Ferancová technical preparation of production
+421/915 783 926
Helena Halmová standardization of production
+421/915 783 926

sales division

MIB Martin Arvay sales director
+421/46/549 2062, 2065
+421/905 764 851
Ing. Jakub Korec sales executive
+421/46/549 2248-50
+421/915 786 622
Bc. Matej Václav sales executive
+421/46/549 2248-50
+421/917 864 950
Ing. Peter Mikula sales executive
+421/46/549 2248-50
+421/905 220 472
Bc. Stanislav Balberčák sales executive
+421/46/549 2248-50
+421/908 797 102
Mgr. Zuzana Rybárová sales manager
+421/46/549 2248-50
+421/918 820 850
Ing. Alexandra Kováčová sales manager
+421/46/549 2248-50
+421/918 820 849
Roman Michal sales executive
+421/46/549 2062, 2065
+421/907 755 620
Juraj Galko sales executive
+421/46/549 2062, 2065
+421/905 454 455
Ing. Romana Hostačná sales manager
+421/46/549 2062
+421/908 755 999
Zdenka Trníková sales manager
+421/46/549 2065
+421/907 672 464
Mgr. Michaela Sedmáková support manager
+421/46/549 2062, 2065 +421/918 974 852
Bc. Ivan Arvay marketing manager
+421/46/549 2248-50, 2062
+421/907 724 549

logistic division

Juraj Kováč logistics director
+421/905 220 473
Daniela Foltánová warranty technician
+421/917 864 897

economics and personnel division

Marta Norocká head of economics
+421/46/549 2067
Ing. Jana Krátka payroll and personnel manager
+421/46/549 2067
Naďa Horečná records officer
+421/46/549 2067

top management

Ing. Ivan Arvay executive director
+421/46/549 2248-50, 2062
+421/905 401 125
Ing. Alena Arvayová associate executive director
+421/46/549 2248-50, 2062
+421/905 842 630